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12226-08-19741974Filling systemO&M
29215-03-19751975Filling systemO&M
319115-03-19771977Preservation of records and weeding out/ destroying the records after a certain period.O&M
4740002-10-19771977Duties of the Administrative Officer attached to the Circle OfficesO&M
5222905-11-19791979Verification of caracter and antecedents of candidates selected for appointment in the boardO&M
62721-05-19981998CS to GO 74/111(P) - Grant of Higher Grade Benefit Streamlining the ProcedureO&M
74137327-09-19991999Recording NMR service details in service bookO&M
8139205-11-19991999Attending Office HoursO&M
9110-12-19991999Professional Examination for the posts of Junior Engineer (T&D), Asstt. Enginer(T&D) and (Civil) and Dy.Executive (T&D)/(Civil)O&M
10157919-04-20002000Review of conducting professional examination prescribed for Junior Engineer (T&D), Asstt. Enginer(T&D) and (Civil) and Dy.Executive (T&D)/(Civil)O&M
11145214-06-20002000Complete Stopage of Over TimeO&M
124730304-06-20052005Trifurcation of MSEBO&M
13109-06-20052005CS to GSO.112, GO.18, GO.14(P) - Change in nomenelature of the post of Directors/Add.Directors/ Jt.Directors. Etc.O&M
14231-10-20052005CS to GSO.112, GO.18, GO.14(P) - Change in nomenelature of the post of Executive Director/ General Manager/ Add.General Manager/Dy. General Manager Etc.O&M
151923707-01-20062006Grant the Special Pay considering their arduous nature of dutyO&M
161923607-01-20062006Grant the Special Pay considering their arduous nature of dutyO&M
173245318-09-20062006Circular of T&C regarding deputation of MSEDCL employees to Torrent Power AEC Ltd.O&M
183207520-08-20072007Higher grade benefit under GO74 dt 30/04/1974 to Art-A Change of entilement dateO&M
193915824-10-20082008Payment of Ex-Gratia for the year 2007-08 and Advance against Wage Revision Arrears- Clarification of certain issues.O&M
203389723-10-20092009Duties & responsibilities of billing staff in S/Dn and Jr. Mgr (F&A) (Revenue) in Division OfficeO&M
21588903-02-20102010Distribution of Departmental Publication i.e. SR / RR / SNRO&M
222748730-08-20102010Grant of additional two increments to the employee working in Technical CategoryO&M
233450715-11-20102010To be present for the conferrence held by non govt officialsO&M
24641823-02-20112011Extention of time limit for passing MS-CIT examination UDC (GAD/ Ac)O&M
25679928-02-20112011Delegation of Powers to the Jt.CPRO/CGM(CC)O&M
261188121-04-20112011Women HarashementO&M
273035810-05-20112011Regarding Hindi Exam DegreeO&M
281904721-06-20112011Providing motivation allowance to the officers/ employees working in Naxallite/ Tribal Scheme areasO&M
291759006-07-20112011Addressing authority change O&M
302948228-09-20112011ERS 2011O&M
311510105-11-20112011About rehabilitation of Ex-servicemen of Maharashtra StateO&M
323406817-11-20112011To extend the ratecard of Giriraj Hospital BaramatiO&M
333511225-11-20112011Public Holidays in the calendar year 2012 for the employees of MSEDCLO&M
343086610-12-20112011To consider AADHAR card and domicile certificate as ID proof for Cetizen Centered SchemeO&M
35150617-01-20122012To delete KEM Hospital Pune from the accreditation list of the CompanyO&M
36150617-01-20122012Deletion of KEM hospital Pune from the list of approved hospitalsO&M
37170518-01-20122012Approval for Air JourneyO&M
38418615-02-20122012To consider handicap empolyees on unreserved post on occerence of an accident while on dutyO&M
3921501-03-20122012To extend the ratecard of Suraj Hospital and Diagnostic Center, Navi MumbaiO&M
40665416-03-20122012Implementation of Transfer Policy - clarification thereofO&M
41660616-03-20122012Approval for Air JourneyO&M
421255305-04-20122012Taking over charge of CGM (HR)O&M
431556906-04-20122012Higher grade benefitO&M
44967913-04-20122012Relief of employees on Transfer/ PromotionO&M
451062825-04-20122012Empanelment of Bisne Heart Clinic Nagpur for Treatment/Operation for employees of MSEDCLO&M
461359015-05-20122012Regarding confirmation of employees of MSEDCL under Employees Service Regulation no. 11O&M
471683916-06-20122012Restrictions for use of Fax MachineO&M
483397812-07-20122012Online submission of Request transfer applicationO&M
492118924-07-20122012Enhancement in the rate of daily allowance, transfer grant, kilometreage etc- Clarification therof.O&M
502173527-07-20122012Deletion of Ramkrishna hospital Kolhapur from the list of approved hospitalsO&M
512623613-09-20122012Providing License under the rules of the Maharashtra Fire Prevention & Life Safety Measures Act 2006 & Maharashtra Fire Prevention & Life Safety Measures Act 2009O&M
523602429-12-20122012Women HarashementO&M
53169017-01-20132013Implementation of Document Management SystemO&M
54234722-01-20132013Use of Marathi Language in Office workO&M
551851907-02-20132013Fixing of the cadre of existing LDC/ Office Assistant - Clarification thereof.O&M
562409828-08-20132013Collector declared Holiday on the occasion of Gopal Kala (Dahihandi) on dt.29.08.2013O&M
572558413-09-20132013Online submission of request transfer applicationO&M
582611020-09-20132013Additional increment to employees who acquire higher qualification - Clarification thereofO&M
592726530-09-20132013Work allocation of units working under ED(HR)O&M
6075501-10-20132013Dircrepancies regarding entries in Service BookO&M
613346009-12-20132013Public Holidays for the Year 2014O&M
62534115-02-20142014Grant of additional two increments to the employees working in Technical categoriesO&M
632081230-06-20142014To follow the Traffic rules strictlyO&M
642082630-06-20142014To provide company mobile simcard and quarters for Vidhyut SahayyaksO&M
652418231-07-20142014Grant of Convevance allowance - Clarification thereof.O&M
663631812-08-20142014Public Holidays in the calendar year 2015 for the employees of MSEDCLO&M
672614820-08-20142014Early Retirement Scheme for the Employees working in Pay Group III & IV who are 45 years and above - Cancellation of the scheme thereof.O&M
681144004-09-20142014To extend the ratecard of Ashwini accident and multi speciality hospital NashikO&M
691146404-09-20142014Use of Corporate Identification Number (CIN) on all official documents of the CompanyO&M
702931618-09-20142014Filling of Income Tax E - TDS Returns 24Q in respect of (Salaried employees).O&M
713022930-09-20142014Payment of arrears due to revision of pay scales and allowance - release of first installmentO&M
723859531-12-20142014Payment of arrears due to revision of pay scales and allowance - release of second installmentO&M
73125914-01-20152015Regarding Maternity Leave of Lady Vidhyut Sahayyak/ Account Assistant/ Jr. Assistant and Upkendra Sahayyak working on contract basis.O&M
74245527-01-20152015 Observance of Hutatma Diwas on 30th JanO&M
75325302-02-20152015Timely attendance and strict observance of office hoursO&M
762750407-03-20152015To minimise the time taken to complete an administrative taskO&M
774067412-03-20152015Declaring Spl CL for 19 Jun 2015O&M
781051109-04-20152015Procedure and implementation of guidelines issued by Company for conducting various programsO&M
792417709-04-20152015Non compliance of various Tax Laws by the field officesO&M
802008217-04-20152015Clarification regarding Tribal AllowanceO&M
812455729-05-20152015Review of Employees Gratuity Regulations 1960O&M
821026304-07-20152015Implementation of Biometric Time and Attendnce System at MSEDCL.O&M
834102712-07-20152015Filling procedure in the office - Points for observance.O&M
842912521-07-20152015Procurement of Uniiform Cloth for Regular eligible employees and Vidhyut SahayyaksO&M
853631112-10-20152015Guidelines for providing Information of Departmental Exams under RTI Act 2005O&M
8640705-01-20162016Public Holidays for the Year 2016O&M
872093007-01-20162016Action against the employees who are relieved and not joined within the prescribed time and action against undue influence in transfer/ posting.O&M
88287921-01-20162016Filling procedure in Office - Observation of colour codesO&M
891792006-03-20162016Implementation of Transfer Policy for the year 2016- Clarification thereof.O&M
904521-03-20162016Commissioning of New Center at Amaravati for Dept ExamsO&M
911693124-05-20162016Implementation of Transfer Policy.O&M
92429502-06-20162016Declaration of select list on R-APDRP under departmental promotion O&M
932880621-09-20162016Online Request Transfer Aplications Reviewing of the applications by the employeeO&M
942940429-09-20162016Creation of Reginal offices Clarification thereofO&M
953806428-12-20162016Celebration of Marathi Bhasha Sanvardhan Pandhravada During 01.012017 to 15.01.2017O&M
96475003-01-20172017Payment of EDP allowance of the Officers/ employees working in IT cadre - Clarification regarding arrears thereof.O&M
971613507-01-20172017To prepare, submit and store official cases O&M
981613507-01-20172017To prepare, submitting and storing official cases O&M
99143820-01-20172017Sanctioning CL of alternate leave for Muslim festival declared leaveO&M
100629321-03-20172017Clarification on Maternity Leave for Female employees working in MSEDCL O&M
101661023-03-20172017Transfer of R-APDRP town in-charge and SCADA town in-charge (SDOs as well as AEs)O&M
102656523-03-20172017To keep office working on 25 mar 2017 for economic assemblyO&M
103978727-04-20172017Instructions regarding control of S&E DepartmentO&M
1041280720-05-20172017Implementation of Transfer Policy for the year 2017 - Clarification thereofO&M
1052179109-08-20172017CR for the suspension periodO&M
1062179209-08-20172017Providing a xerox copy of service book to the retired employees of MSEDCLO&M
107340810-11-20172017To celebrate 15 October the Birthday of Late Doctor A.P.J.Abdul Kalaam as a day for inspiring reading habitO&M
1082486210-11-20172017To celebrate 15 October the Birthday of Late Doctor A.P.J.Abdul Kalaam as a day for inspiring reading habitO&M
1092768813-11-20172017Providing permanent ID cards to retired employees of MSEDCLO&M
1102886924-11-20172017Suggesting a Name for the web portal for the betterment of officers and employeesO&M
1112929330-11-20172017Holidays for the year 2018O&M
112698004-02-20182018To submit various claims through Employee Portal - MitraO&M
113861919-04-20182018Transfer policy of MSEDCLO&M
114964226-04-20182018Transfer policy of MSEDCL - Issuance of Transfer orders through HRMS onlyO&M
1151123218-05-20182018The National Apprentice Encouragement Scheme of GOI O&M
1161132619-05-20182018Implementation of Transfer Policy for the year 2018 - Clarification/ Guidelines thereofO&M
1172141909-06-20182018Instructions for GO74 ProposalsO&M
118629421-06-20182018RTI Act 2005 - Implementation O&M
1191579728-06-20182018Political Presure for Personnel workO&M
1202009618-08-20182018Online Request Transfer Applications - Reviewing of the applications by the employeesO&M
1212078330-08-20182018Local Holiday for "Gopal Kala" to MumbaiO&M
1222233319-09-20182018Publishing the Seniority List and Verification of Roster RegisterO&M
1232233419-09-20182018Avoiding unnecessary correspondence to Head Office O&M
1242436912-10-20182018Retirment Gift - Clarification thereofO&M
1251431506-11-20182018Implementation of Transfer Policy for the year 2018 - Clarification/ Guidelines thereofO&M
1263063427-12-20182018Holidays for the year 2019O&M
1273090228-12-20182018Special Casual Leave for dated 20/03/2018 and 03/07/2018O&M
128566726-02-20192019Marathi Bhasha DinO&M
129912003-04-20192019Election Holidays - 2019O&M
1301203709-05-20192019Clarification regarding Administrative Circular No.444O&M
1311437323-05-20192019Implementation of Annual Trasnfer Policy for the year 2019O&M
1321654414-06-20192019Extention - Implementation of General Transfer for the year 2019O&M
1331718520-06-20192019Compensation to employee those on Election dutyO&M
1341792027-06-20192019Implementation of Annual Trasnfer for the year 2019O&M
1351821929-06-20192019Implementation of Transfer Policy for the year 2019O&M
1361827429-06-20192019Treating the unauthorised absence from duty for strike during 07th to 9th January 2019 as Extra Ordinary LeaveO&M
1371952311-07-20192019Appellate & controlling Authority for disposal of Gratuity casesO&M
1381984515-07-20192019Purchase of Silver Coins for Retirment purposeO&M
1392092326-07-20192019Grant of additional two increments to employees working in Technical categories - clarification thereofO&M
1402194006-08-20192019Special Holiday due to Rain Flood in MumbaiO&M
1412438231-08-20192019Implementation of Annual Transfer for the year 2019O&M
1422556113-09-20192019Complete Stoppage of HDFC Home Recovery from Employees SalaryO&M
1432588616-09-20192019Additional Charge of Jr.Engineer to qualified Principal Tech / Operator & above (Superseded vide Dt.12.02.2020)O&M
1442583616-09-201920192% Reservation to Earthquake Affected PersonsO&M
1452649919-09-20192019Recruitment and Promotion plan for filling the various postO&M
1462696624-09-20192019Revision of Special Pay Benefit amount to the Officers and Employees working as personal staff in the office of Chairman and Managing Director and Directors.O&M
1472844710-10-20192019Holiday on dt 21.10.2019 for Maharashtra Vidhan Sabha Election purposeO&M
1483057605-11-20192019Flag Day Recovery for 2019O&M
1493199320-11-20192019To avoid unnecessary correspondence to Higher OfficesO&M
1503463516-12-20192019Payment of arrears due to revision of pay scales and allowances - Release of arrears in case of expired / retired / resigned / terminated employeesO&M
1513456616-12-20192019Holidays for year 2020O&M
152110613-01-20202020Guidelines to maintain seniority those employees are returned from Spanco - Nagapur ZoneO&M
153110713-01-20202020Additional Two increments for VijSevak as per GO 166 (P)O&M
154248923-01-20202020Addendum to Adm.Cir.No.582 Dt.16.03.2019O&M
155289427-01-20202020 Observance of Hutatma Diwas on 30th JanO&M
156855917-03-20202020Precautions regarding Corona (Covid-19) during office time.O&M
157874918-03-20202020Proactive measures in light of CORONA VIRUS (COVID-19)O&M
158758103-05-20202020Restriction to use Bio-Matric Machine till further order due to CORONA virusO&M
159457102-07-20202020Clarification regarding payment of House Rent Allowance and arrears thereofO&M
160498902-12-20202020To depute qualified technical employee against vacant post of Jr. Engineer - Guideline thereofO&M

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