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102-07-1960Registration of contractors and modification of terms and conditions for approved contractors.Amplification of para 6 (ii) of the accompaniment to GSO No. 517 dt. 517 26-11-59. (Also CS-1) 1
227-07-1960Addition to BSEB Employees Service Regulation Nos.43& 542
328-07-1960Delegation of powers to the Secretary to decide absence from duty of representatives of a trade union as on duty, grant of T.A. etc. (Also Cs-1 Cs-171 of GO-18 (P))2
428-07-1960Employment Exchange-Assistance of the - to be sought for.4
518-08-1960Adoption of all rules (Service) Regulations, GSOs. etc, of the erstwhile Bombay State Electricity Board. 5
618-08-1960M.S.E.B. Employee's Service Regulations-Amendment to-5
718-08-1960Payment of Board's contribution to CPF Subscribers in cases of (a) death (b) Superannuation premature relief from service owing to permanent total physical incapacity before completion of the minimum qualifyinf period of five years service - modification to MSEB Employee's Service Regulation 142.5
818-08-1960Delegation of powers to Dy. Chief Enginer, Nagpur.6
918-08-1960Rates of dearness allowance to the Board's unmarried class I and class II officers.6
1022-08-1960Training in First Aid to the staff attached to Power Houses- delegation of powers in respect of-6
1123-08-1960Increase in the rate of Dearness Allowance.7
1223-08-1960Reimbursment of actual travilling expenses for journey undertakaen for medical examination and or treatment.7
1323-08-1960Passing of Regional Language Exam. by the non-muslim displaced employees of the Board.7
1423-08-1960Modification to Service Regulation 44.7
1510-09-1960Delegation of powers to Sr. Powers House Superintendent, Kh'kheda. 8
1619-09-1960Rates of Dearness Allowance to the Board's unmarried class I and class II officers. (Modification to GSO. No.9 dt.18-08-60)8
1703-10-1960Supply of uniforms to the female Sweepers (Amplification to GSO. No.530 dt.08-01-1960)8
1810-10-1960Payment of security deposit in case of works contractors. (Also CS-1)9
1910-10-1960Passing of Hindi Examination by Board's employees-Modification to-10
2010-10-1960Creation of temporary posts in clas II,III & IV categaries-delegation of powers to Chairman.11
2114-10-1960Supply of uniforms to the categaries of Naiks and Blue Printers.11
2227-10-1960Delegation of powers in respect of insurance cover for Erection insurance.12
2327-10-1960Delegation of powers to the Chairman to deal with cases of absence of staff for reasons beyond their control. (Also CS-171 of GO-18(P))12
2427-10-1960Delegation of powers regarding grant of special casual leave to employees of the Board participating in National or international sports. (Also CS-1 & 2 and CS-171 of GO-18(P))13
2527-10-1960Employees of the Board-facilities to -16
2629-10-1960Newspapers for Board's Advertisements.16
2707-11-1960Delegation of powers to Chairman to include additional postd in the Establishment Schedules.21
2828-11-1960Benefits of Housing Accommodation and other attendent concessions.21
2928-11-1960Facilities given to Government Servants joining the Territorial Army.22
3028-11-1960Effective date of passing Departl. Examination. (Also corrigendum No. GAD/G/Accounts Exam./48386 dt.16-11-72)22
3114-12-1960Medical Benefit Scheme-Review of -22
3221-12-1960Cycle advance and its recovery - relaxation of provisions of GSO No.510 dtd. 20-11-59.27
3328-12-1960Nature of absence of workman due to injury resulting out of and in the course of employment -Determination of-27
3428-12-1960Departmental Accounts Examination - Release of increments withheld for want of passing.27
3528-12-1960Hiring of Vehicles for Transport of Board's materials.28
3610-01-1961Supply of uniforms to Waterman-cum-Farrash28
3710-01-1961Re-employment of the Board's superannuated employees.29
3830-01-1961Supply of uniforms and other articles to the employees of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board.29
3930-01-1961Professional Examination for Deputy Executive Engineers and Assistant Engineers - Inclusion of paper on "cost Acounts" and Labour Laws"30
4007-02-1961Grants of advances to the Board's employees for the purchase of Cars/Motor Cycles. (Also CS-1)31
4108-02-1961Permission to certain employees of the Board to seek outside employment.32
4216-02-1961Delegation of Powers32
4316-02-1961Revision of pay scales etc. (Also CS-1 & Addendum No.GAD/O&M/52012 dated 01-12-75)87
4417-02-1961Maharashtra State Electricity Board Contributory Provident Fund Regulations.105
4517-02-1961General (Non-contributory) Provident Fund (Facility sought by Vidarbha Staff) Rules and Regulations for administration of - Amendment to Regulations 12.137
4624-02-1961Training in First Aid to the staff attached to Power Houses- delegation of powers in respect of-138
4728-02-1961Passing of Hindi Examination by Board's employees-Modification of GSO No.19 dt. 10-10-60.138
4811-03-1961(a) Workers Education Scheme. (b) Hot line crew training Scheme. (c ) Staff called to H.O. for receiving instructions prior to their going abroad for training- Creation of supernumerory posts.138
4922-03-1961Reconstitution of Zonal committees.139
5005-04-1961Increase in the rate of Dearness Allowance to the Board's employee.140
5106-04-1961Annual grant to the M.S.E.B. club in H.O. and other clubs in mofussil offices.(Also CS-1 & 2 and CS-171 & 178 of GO-18(P))140
5204-12-1961Rules regarding retention of quarters by Board's employees on transfers- Modification of GSO No. 553.143
5304-12-1961Constitution of the Board of Trustees for the Contributory Provident Fund of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board.144
5406-04-1961Supply of Uniforms to Peons, Naiks and Blue Printers. Ref. Standing Committes Decision No.91 dtd. 27-03-61.144
5513-04-1961Appointment of Non-matric/Non-SSC Junior Clerks in the pay scale prescribed for the qualified persons. (Also CS-1)145
5605-09-1961Delegation of powers regarding grant of leave. 146
5711-05-1961Concessional rent to be charged to NMR and Work-Charged staff in temporary quarters.147
5811-05-1961Supply of Uniforms to Khansama and Rest House Attendants.148
5917-05-1961Grant of Dearness Allowance to Board's employees who had exercised option No.II.149
6017-05-1961Charges for the use of Board's rest houses by Government Auditors.149
6117-05-1961Maharashtra State Electricity Board Contributory Provident Fund Regulations.149
6217-05-1961Reimbursment of residential charges for the occupation of Inspection Bunglows.149
6312-06-1961Review of Delegation of powers.150
6412-06-1961Scope of transfers-vis--vis Seniority groups. (Also Cir.No.GEN/MISC./3319 Date 5-7-61)150
6512-06-1961House Rent Allowance to the Board's employees.151
6601-01-1970Passing of Hindi Examination by Board's employees.151
6719-06-1961(Medical Examination of Class I & II Officers)151
6803-07-1961Supply of Uniforms to Class IV employees of the Board working in the Head Office, Bombay.152
6906-07-1961Grant of special casual leave to the Board's employees who are summoned to attend the court on behalf of Govt.152
7018-07-1961Charges for the use of Board's Rest Houses payable by Government Auditors.152
7119-07-1961Reimbursment of travelling expenses to the Board's employees for taking training under the workers Education Scheme.153
7201-01-1970Rules regarding retention of quarters by Board's employees on transfers- 153
7308-08-1961Delegation of powers - Purchase of spare parts for Diesel Engine sets.153
7401-01-1970Loan of Stream Line Filter to the Koyna Organisation-Hire Charges thereof -154
7501-01-1970Supply of Woollen Clothing to Vehicle Drivers,Chowkidars and Sweepers.154
7601-01-1970Pay-scale of the post of Assistant D'man.154
7701-01-1970Delegation of Powers - Purchase of technical and non-technical books in H.O. and in the field offices-155
7801-01-1970Revision of pay scales - Ref.GSO No. 43 dt.16-02-61 155
7901-01-1970Protection of emoluments of employes on work-charged and Nominal Muster Roll Establishment on their appointment on regular basis.156
8022-08-1961Financial assistance to staff co-operative canteens. .(Also CS-1,2,3 and 178 of GO-18(P))156
8101-09-1961Travelling Allowance to line-staff - Modification to Service Regulation No.93 A. 159
8208-09-1961Grant of Pedal bicycle advance to employees of the Board.160
8322-09-1961Delegation of powers regarding grant of leave. 160
8422-09-1961Supply of uniforms - Stitching charges for the160
8522-09-1961Extension of the time limit prescribed for passing the departmental Professional Examination.160
8622-09-1961Revision of pay scales etc.161
8722-09-1961Amendment to Contributory Provident fund Regulation No. 17(a) relating to grant of advances.161
8822-09-1961Grant of advance of T.A. on tour162
8923-09-1961Terms and conditions of deputation of Board's Engineers/Officers for foreign training-revision of-162
9023-09-1961Registration of contractors as approved suppliers of stores at Divisional level.163
9123-09-1961Review of Divisionwise and Circlewise Seniority - Modification of GSO No. 64 dt. 12-06-61.165
9226-09-1961Delegation of powers165
9305-10-1961Recruitment - Payment of travelling expenses to outside candidates for appearing for interview - Delegation of powers to Chairman to incur expenditure. (Also CS-1 and 171 of GO-18(P))168
9405-10-1961Benefits of Housing Accommodation and other attendent concessions - clarification regarding para (v) of GSO No. 552 dt. 11-04-60 as modified by GSO No.28 dt. 28-11-60.169
9517-10-1961Delegation of powers.170
9624-10-1961Maharashtra State Electricity Board Contributory Provident Fund Regulations-Regulation 32.170
9726-10-1961Signing of money receipts - Delegation of powers.170
9803-11-1961Recognition of 4.1/2% Maharashtra State Electricity Board Bonds,1971 as approved security for the purpose of Security Deposits to be kept with the Board.171
9916-11-1961Imprest Account - Increase in the amount of - Amendment to GSO 42.171
10001-01-1970Increments - Competent Authorities to grant-172
10107-12-1961Reimbursment of Medical Bills to the extent of per capita rate payable to panel Doctor.173
10207-12-1961Delegation of powers regarding payment of Running Accounts Bills.173
10327-12-1961Delegation of powers to Chairman to permit any officer of the Board to retain in part or full the remuneration which he might get by virtue of his being member of any committee provided he is nominated by the Board or any other Office of the Board authorised in that behalf.174
10404-01-1962Constitution of the Board of Trustees for the administration of the Contributory Provident Fund.174
10510-01-1962Amendment to General Standing Order 322 read alongwith General Standing Order 42 section II Item 3. 175
10609-01-1962Non-Fatal accidents-Grant of leave due in the case of employees who get compensation under the Workmen's Compensation Act.175
10701-01-1970Regulations regarding Seniority of the Employees of the Maharashtra State Electricity Board (Also Amendment No.1)175
10819-01-1962Hindi Examination. (Also CS 1 to 4)180
10901-01-1970Use of Board's Vehicles for non duty purposes - facility of- (Also CS-1 to 8 & CS178 of GO-18 (P))185
11001-01-1970Quqlifying Departmental Examinations for Non-Technical (Non-Accounts) Posts. (Also CS-1 to 11 & Corrigendum No.GAD/EXAM./A/CS-GAD/41229 dated 15-9-78)197
11129-01-1962Delays in overtime in the field offices - Modification in item 2 of the Sixth Schedule of Service Regulations.209
11201-01-1970Maharashtra State Electricity Board Classification & Recruitment Regulations,1961.209
11319-02-1962Permission to employees of the Board to attend Annual meetings, conventions & conferences of- i) Institution of Engineers (India) ii) Institute of Chartered Accuntants of India, and - iii) Institute of Cost and Works Accountants. (Also CS-1)210
11412-03-1962Singing of money receipts - Delegation of powers.212
11513-03-1962Grant of H.R.A. to employees of the Board stationed at Sholapur.213
11613-03-1962Grant of T.A. to outsiders when called upon to perform any journey in the interest of the Board's work. (Also CS171 of GO-18 (P))213
11730-03-1962Marathi Language Examination Regulations, 1962. (Also CS-1 to 18)214

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