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118-04-1962(Sending timely intimation about inability to attend office (for staff members of H.O.).)V-I1
225-04-1962(Classifying trunk calls on purely personsal matters booked on Board's telephones as privete calls)V-I1
302-06-1962Procedure regarding direct access to F.A. & C.A.O.; by A/cs. Staff working in field officesV-I2
422-06-1962Regional Members-Association of the-with the work and activities of the Board in Regions.V-I2
517-08-1962Applications for outside posts-Forwarding of-V-I4
630-08-1962Hindi Examination-Categories of employees exampted from passing the.V-I5
701-04-1963Morning office during Summer in East Khandesh & West Khandesh Regions.(Also see correction slip No.1 Dt.28.04.1964)V-I5
804-07-1963Revised rates of Dearness Allowance applicable to the Board's employees.V-I6
904-07-1963Educational cess etc.levied by Local Municipalities recoverable from the Bord's employees.V-I6
1030-07-1963Services Regulation No.45 - Amendment to the-V-I7
1105-08-1963Hindi Examination-Extending the date of passing upto 30.06.1964.V-I7
1229-10-1963Refund of Excess Charges for the Purchase of Board's Publication.V-I7
1319-11-1963Professional, Hindi and Marathi Examination-Grant of Travelling Allowance & Daily Allowance for attending the- (Also CS-1)V-I8
1406-01-1964Marathi Language Examination Regulation No.12-Modification to G.S.O.117 Dt.30.03.1962V-I8
1508-07-1964Hindi Examination-Extending the date of passing upto 30.06.1965V-I9
1603-08-1964Use Of Board's Vehicle for Medical purposes to private party.V-I9
1729-09-1964Passing of Marathi Language Examination by the Board's employees-Exemption from the G.S.O. No.117 of 30.03.1962V-I10
1802-03-1965Use of Board's Vehicle for non-duty purpose-facility of-V-I10
1912-03-1965Supply of Woolen clothing to Peons,Naiks,Blue Printers,Khansama Western Maharashtra (2) All Chowkidars and Sweepers, including coastal areas (3) Woolen Coats to all Peons accompanying officers on tour.V-I10
2012-04-1965Payment of Travelling Allowance and Daily Allowance to the office bearers of the Union who are outsiders.V-I11
2124-05-1965(Grant of compensatory off to Drivers for the period corresponding to the period they worked for attending duty on Sunday/Public Holiday.)V-I11
2219-11-1965Hindi Examination-Extending the date of passing upto 30.06.1968V-I11
2323-06-1966Revised Delegation of powers in respect of grant of water allowance to the Board's employees during summer posted in the water scarcity areas.V-I12
2422-07-1966Hindi Examination-Extemption to the Board's employees from passing the-V-I12
2528-07-1966Qualifying Departmental Examination for non-technical (Non-Accts) post.V-I12
2618-10-1966(Calculating joining time as admissible for jouney by rail for all journies by rail as well as by other modes of transport.)V-I13
2707-12-1964Supply of rainy season material to eligible staff of the Board.V-I13
2817-01-1968Hindi Examination-Exemption to the Board's emplyees from passing the-V-I13
2920-03-1968Delegation of powers to the Chairman-Permission for retending of remuneration received in connection with delivering of lectures to outside instititions.V-I14
3006-09-1968Selection Boars for technical and non-technical posts.V-I14
3121-10-1969Determination of the employees who hold position of Management and supervision for the purpose of overtime wages.V-I15
3217-11-1969(Effective date of promotion of an employees from the date of reporting irrespective of the number of days taken to complete the handing over the charge of the post.) (Also Circular No.GAD/III/A/Circular/4268 dt.29.01.1970)V-I20
3308-12-1969Determination of employees who hold position of Management and supervision for the purpose of overtime wages.V-I21
3425-05-1970Relaxation of the limit of overtime allowance in respect of Account stff in the head office and the field offices.V-I21
3512-02-1971(Revising the forms of C.R.(except proforma C&D) from the year 1970-71.)V-I22
3603-07-1971Minimum qualification for recruitment in Board's services.V-I22
3703-07-1971Writing of confidential reports in respect of employees working in stores Organisation.V-I23
3807-07-1971Completion of the Departmental Action instituted against the employees of the Board.V-I23
3921-08-1971Service Book of emplyees-attestation of entries.V-I23
4025-08-1971Countersigning of Birth date entries in the Service Books.V-I24
4125-10-1971Admissibility of Hot Line Allowance while on leave.V-I25
4219-04-1972Annual Confidential Reports-Time schedules foe submission of - (Also Atddendum No.GAD/VI/CRs/19815 dt.12.05.1972) V-I26
4324-08-1972(Keeping of confidential papers and files under lock and key.)V-I27
4412-03-1972Annual confidential Reports-Time schedules for submission of-V-I28
4531-03-1973Confidentail Reports- Why and how to be written and maintained.V-I30
4625-07-1973Grant of special Disabilty leave to Board's employees.V-I37
4701-09-1973Problems facing the woman employees.V-I38
4814-03-1974Annual confidential Reports-Time schedules for submission of-V-I39
4915-03-1975Annual confidential Reports-Time schedules for submission of-V-I41
5014-07-1975Classification of the Category of Chargeman Gr.I as non supervisory category.V-I43
5118-09-1975(Strict following of instruction contained in S.R.85(P).V-I44
5214-04-1976Annual confidential Reports-Time schedules for submission of-V-I44
5314-06-1976Hindi Examination.V-I47
5401-07-1976(Rreopening of promotion cases whwn it involves patent omission in observing requirement prescribed under the regulations.)V-I48
5513-08-1976(Regulating date of increment from the first day of month clarification.V-I48
5601-10-1976Annual grants for Organising Sports Tournaments.V-I50
5708-11-1976Introduction of Ephemeral Rolls.V-I50
5813-01-1977Handing over note on transfer.V-I51
5910-01-1977Maintenance of C.R. files.V-I51
6024-01-1977Prescribing validity date of the select list of departmental promotees.(Also Corrigendum No.GAD/III-B/5964 dt.05.02.1977)V-I52
6116-02-1977Examining the proposal by legal adviser/CIRO before submission to the Board.V-I52
6201-03-1977Request for leave on average pay,half average pay and commuted leaves on medical ground for short duration.V-I53
6321-03-1977Annual confidential Reports-Time schedules for submission.V-I53
6420-04-1977Employment of sons/daughters of the deceases employees.V-I57
6522-06-1977Grant of overtime to the employees under Appendex"A"V-I58
6601-07-1977Ordering promotions on regular establishment and principles to be followed thereof-V-I59
6708-07-1977Recoveries from the subsistence allowance.V-I60
6813-07-1977Hindi Examination.V-I60
6920-10-1977(Annual grant for conducting Zonal level and Inter Zonal Tournaments.)V-I61
7030-11-1977(Temporary revision of percentage foe filling up the vacancies of Sub-Engineer to Dy EE (Degree/Diploma) for a period of 3 years effective from 01.01.1978)V-I61
7131-12-1977Standardisation of registers prescribed in G.A.D.V-I62
7218-02-1978 Annual Confidential Reports for the year 1977-78.Time schedules for submission of-V-I68
7327-02-1978Hindi Examination.V-I69
7404-09-1978Grant of T.A. & D.A. to the players for attending Inter Electricity Board's Tournaments.V-I69
7522-11-1978(Waiving the condition of employment exchange in respect of Apprenatices engaged in the designated commercial trade and relaxation of the condition of upper age limit to those engaged within prescribed age limit.)V-I69
7630-01-1979Sanction of grant for conducting sports tournaments for Bombay Zone, Bhandup.V-I70
7729-03-1979(Revising C.R. forms in respect of pay Gr.I/II Officers)V-I70
7802-04-1979(Liberalisation of the benefits and facility granted to the worker's Teachers and the employees attending unit level classes.)V-I77
7902-04-1979Organising sports Tournament-Grant of T.A. and Daily Allowance/Supplementary allowance.V-I77
8005-04-1979Delegation pf powers,Payment of Compensation in the cases of fatal/non-fatal accidents to outsiders (human being as well as animals)V-I78
8124-04-1979(Partial modification for recording self assessment and respect of Officers in pay Group-I & II.)V-I79
8206-08-1979Grant of Conveyance Allowance to employees other than Sectional Officers in Rural Areas.V-I80
8309-11-1979Acceptance of certificates of monthaly earning issued by the revenue authorities for determining the quantum of compensation payable to outsiders who meet with accidents.V-I81
8424-12-1979Grant of TA/DA to the persons employed on the NMR or on daily wage basis (Casual Labour)V-I82
8519-01-1980Delegation of power to the Dy.Chief Engineer (Civil) (T&D)V-I82
8627-05-1980Representation against the adverse remarks recorded in the Confidential Report.V-I88
8728-05-1980Fatal & non fatal accidents to outsiders-payment of compensation.V-I107
8807-06-1980Participation of Board's employees in Morchas,Dharne etc.V-I107
8902-10-1980Grant of special pay for holding additional charge of another post.V-I108
9023-12-1980Hindi Examination.V-I108
9112-02-1981Admissibility of special pay granted under regulation 36 of M.S.E.B. Employees's service Regulation during leave period.V-I108
9215-04-1981Continuation of percentage fixed for filling the vacancies of Jr.Engineer and Dy.EE-beyond 31-12-80 for a period of futher one year.V-I109
9313-05-1981Grant of special disability leave and reimbursement of medical expenses incurred on account of injuries caused to the employees while participating in specified sports items.V-I109
9415-06-1981Training to Outside agencies at Boards Training CenterV-I110
9509-12-1981Annual grants for Organising Sports Tournaments-Enhancement of grant for the-V-I110
9609-12-1981Organation of cultural activities-Drama Competition-Enhancing the grant for…V-I111
9728-12-1981Allowing to take one additional chance to the Apprentices for appearing Entrance Examination prescribed for the post of L.D.C. irrespective of the number of chances availed by them upto 01-10-80.V-I111
9829-01-1982Increase in Payment of Kit Allowance to employees players for participating Sports Tournaments.V-I111
9925-08-1982Delegation of Powers in service/Personnel matter in respect of non-technical employees (including employees on the GAD Cadre)V-I112
10010-01-1984Organising of cultural activities-Drama Competition Enchancing the grant for the-V-I112
10116-01-1984Leave Travel Concession for the blocks ending 31-12-1983 Grace period for availing the-V-I113
10217-01-1984Quarterly Returns relating to the discipling action cases and returns of the employees under suspension.V-I113
10317-01-1984Fgrant of immediate financial assistance to the relative of persons who meet with fatal accident due to electric shock from Board's snapped conductors.V-I118
10421-07-1984Syllabus for the Department Training programme for the Head Clerks/Senior Clerks/Esst.Assistant in Personnel Department.V-I120
10529-10-1984Provision for supply of Uniforms to 1984 Board's employees (Players) who Participate at State and National level sports tournaments.V-I142
10608-10-1985T.A. & D.A. claims for appering Adhoc Board Marathi typing examination.V-I144
10727-12-1985Allowing the period of 'Extra Ordinary leave' on 16-6-83 , 3/4/5-1-84 & 15-3-84 to 21-3-84 to count for the purpose of increment , as a special case. (Also corrigendum No.GAD/Esst./Gr.VIII(O&M)/Strike/ dt.6-8-1986.V-I144
10815-01-1986Organising Sports Tournament/Drama competition ,grant of T.A. and Daily Allowance/Supplementary allowance.V-I145
10919-06-1986Revision of rates of daily wages payable to the N.M.R. employees covered by the schemes of Graded Monetary Benefits vide G.O.81(P) dt.19-1-1977 and G.O.108(P) dt.9-9-1981.V-I145
11009-09-1986Maintenance of Seniority of GAD and Account Staff working in the small Hydro Power Station, and Gas Turbine (O&M) and Project , Uran.V-I150
11122-09-1986Filling in entry posts in pay Group III & IV from the qualified persons posted against the supernumerary posts of Helpers sanctioned by the Board.V-I151
11208-10-1986Revision in the rates of various benefit being granted (under Admn.Circular No.78 dt.2-4-79) to the Workers' Teachers and student Workers under Workers Education Scheme.V-I152
11326-02-1987Honouring the retiring employee on the day of retirement by arraging a function to offer him one Shriphal (cocount) & Shawl.V-I153
11418-11-1987Honouring the of wife of the employee of the Board when he reties from the services of the Board.V-I154
11509-05-1988Extending to temporary employees who are selected by the competent Selection Committee the facility/benefits which are available to perment employees.V-I154
11602-08-1988Fatal & non fatal accidents to outsiders-payment of compensation.V-I155
11725-08-1988Letter of "Appreciation of Service" at the time of retirement.V-I155
11818-10-1988Grant of TA/DA for NMR employeeV-I157
11926-12-1988Acceptance of Earnest Money deposit for supply and erection contracts,works contracts and civil contracts.V-I158
12022-08-1989Implementation of Judgements given by Bombay High Court. (Also Corrigendum No.GAD/II-A/Seniority/28501 dt.30-11-1989).V-I158
12114-05-1990Exact revise rates of consolidated wage under 55% formula (G.O.108(P) dated 9-9-81 and 65%,75%,85%, & 100% Graded monetary benefit under G.O.81(P) dated 19-7-1977 in respect of NMR workers.V-I161
12230-06-1990Grant of incentive increments to the employees after acquiring additional qualification while in respect i.e.Diploma in Business ManagementV-I171
12308-08-1990Retirement-Prior to the date of Superannuation of Board's employees.V-I171
12414-08-1990Revised Syllabus prescribed for the Lower & Higher Account Examination.V-I174
12515-09-1990Non-relaxation of academic qualification in cases of Departmenatal promotions to Selection posts.V-I175
12620-11-1990Non-relaxation of academic qualification in cases of Departmenatal promotions to Selection posts.V-I175
12727-12-1991review of GSOs & Gos to derermine their present status.V-I176
12817-01-1992Promotion/Grant of benefit of higher grade under G.O.74 dt.30.04.1972 and G.O.111 dt.13.5.82. Guideline regarding vigilance/Departmental action reports.V-I188
12929-01-1992Delegating power of "Head of the Department" to the Adviser (internal Andit)V-I191
13023-03-1992Grant of additional House Building Advance-Provision therof.V-I191
13114-07-1992Amissibility of higher rates of daily allowance for journeys involving night-Clarification regarding.V-I192
13220-10-1992Organising drama compentition-Enhancing the grants.V-I192
13302-11-19921) Grant of next higher pay scale under the provisions of G.O.74 dt.30.04.1974 2) De-stagnation measures in respect of Subordinate Engineers (grant of next higher pay scale under para 4 of G.O.111(P) dt.13-5-82V-I193
13427-11-1992Enhancement in T.A./D.A. for the employees to participate in drama/Sports and enhacement in grants for organising the sports tournaments.V-I194
13524-04-1993Direct recruitment-Persons working on the Nominal Muster Roll/Work-Charged Establishments to be treated as departmental Candidats for the purpose of.V-II1
13613-05-1993Review of GSOs issuesd by the MSEB to determine the present status.V-II1
13724-08-1993Employee promoted to a higher post,after due selection by the C.S.C.[ even though that promotion is on officiating basic] refuse promotion on second occasion,to be debarred for promotionV-II5
13826-08-1993Relaxing Condition of minimum qualification i.e. 12th Standard Examination of M.S. Board of secondary & Higher Secondary Education or equivalent, in favour of LDCs recruited and jioned as LDC prior to 23-7-1990, for the purpose of promotion.V-II6
13925-10-1993Accepting TendersV-II7
14018-01-1994Review of Seniorities of employees belonging to GAD and Account Cadres.V-II8
14119-04-1994Provision for supply of Zuniforms to Board's Employee Players who participates in State and National level Sports Tournaments.V-II20
14219-04-1994Enhancement in payment of Kit Allowance to Employee Players for participating in Sports tournaments at National level.V-II22
14321-12-1994Conducting Speed test in r/o Steno Typist/ Typist etcV-II23
14403-06-1995Point of Inspection wingV-II24
14528-07-1995Honouring the employee of the Board and his/her wife/husband when he/she reties from the service of the Board- Enhancement in the existing amount of the gift.V-II27
14604-08-1995Flag HostingV-II28
14718-08-1995Using appropreat marginal papers for office use onlyV-II60
14818-08-1995VIP ComplaintsV-II61
14914-09-1995Reservation in promotion for OBCV-II61
15022-09-1995Model from of "No Objection Certificate " for obtaing passport.V-II64
15122-09-1995Special Direct Recruitment drive for Backward ClassV-II64
15226-09-1995Enhacement in TA/DA for the Employees Players to participate in Sports and enhancement in Supplementary Allowance.V-II67
15330-09-1995OT for Overtime work in Feb-1995 electionV-II68
15405-10-1995Attachment of Non-teaching staff of GTPs Uran to O&M Circle Vashi, CCCM Circle Kalyan , P.S.Uran, instead of Vashi Circle, Vashi for the purpose of Recruitment Seniority etc. (Corrigendum No.GAD/O&M/VIII/F.No.760/3283 dt.14-11-1995 correcting number as 15V-II70
15511-10-1995Recognize to Higher Officers for office workV-II71
15613-10-1995Change of City name Bombay to MumbaiV-II72
15731-10-1995OT for Overtime work in Feb-1995 election to DriversV-II74
15801-11-1995Reservation to OBC for Direct RecruitmentV-II77
15908-11-1995CS-28 Recrutment for Decease dependant or VRS wardV-II79
16008-11-1995Duties Of Dy.CPPRO of Konkan Zone,Nagpur Zone & Aurangabad Zone.V-II80
16114-11-1995Disciplinary action against delinquent officers for BC reservationV-II81
16224-11-1995Enhancement in grant for organising the Drama Competition and enhancement of TA/DA for the employee to paticipate in Drama.V-II84
16320-12-1995Cast Validity - Employee not submitted within 6 monthV-II85
16426-12-1995Project affected person who change nominee for recruitmentV-II95
16526-12-1995Civil Court Case 1285/1995, about transfer of employeeV-II96
16628-12-1995Special Direct Recruitment Drive for HandicapV-II97
16729-12-1995Reservation to OBC for Direct RecruitmentV-II99
16801-01-1996Charge Allowance to Supervisor cadreV-II100
16905-01-1996200 nos Roster points for Direct Recruitment of women and OBCV-II101
17008-01-1996Cast Validity to SC, ST, VJA, NT-B,C,D procedure thereofV-II110
17111-01-1996Do not transfer to Officers who got project training at abroadV-II113
17229-01-1996Re-appointment of retireeV-II114
17314-02-1996Reservation to OBC for PromotionV-II118
17420-02-1996Expedite Medical reimbersment proposalsV-II119
17523-02-1996Facilities for BC employee working with MSEBV-II124
17627-02-1996Change of City name Bombay to Mumbai for day-to-day office workV-II125
17701-03-1996Inclusion of cast in SBCV-II126
17827-03-1996Transfer of officers who related with electionV-II128
17902-04-1996Submiting Creamy Layer Certificate alogn with Cast CertificateV-II131
18004-05-1996Appointing Higher Officer to Loksabha ElectionV-II140
18114-05-1996Grant of Second benefit of higher grade as per provision of G.O.74 dt.30.04.1974 to Medical Superintendent in the scale of Rs.5940-280-9580.V-II144
18222-05-1996Direct Recruitment for Pay Gr 3&4 - calling officer from Tribal / Samaj Kalyan OfficeV-II144
18323-05-1996Revised Roater points for Direct Recruitment / PromotionV-II145
18405-06-1996Grant of first benefit of higher grade as per provision of G.O.74 dt.30.04.1974 to Director of Accounts and equivalent .V-II153
18505-06-1996GO74 to Vehical CleanersV-II153
18620-06-1996Relief of promotees.V-II154
18724-06-1996Payment of arrears of Entertainment Allowance and Book Allowance to expired employees / Officers.V-II155
18809-07-1996Introducing a new system of charging rent for the Board's residential quarters and effective changes in existing provisions, etc.of G.O.26(P), Dt.30.06.1964.V-II156
18909-08-1996Constitution no.371(2), attending meeting of Legislative committeeV-II156
19027-08-199630% Reservation to women on Direct Recruitment for 200 Roaster PointV-II159
19127-08-1996Conducting speedtest in resect of Stenographer,Steno-typist,Typist etc.while granting benefit of higher grade under G.O.74 or promotion.V-II159
19211-09-1996Change of Circular no 468(O&M)-No Adm Circular IssuedV-II160
19319-09-1996Sending one Advertisement copy to Chairmen & Local Tribal MLAV-II161
19401-10-1996Extention for Special Direct Recruitment for BC dt.31.12.1996V-II163
19508-10-1996Change of Roaster 100/200 Point to Direct Recruitment / PromotionV-II165
19615-10-1996Switching on Fax machine for 24 hoursV-II167
19704-11-1996Fixation of percentage in filling in the percentage in MSEB amongst Apprentices.V-II168
19814-11-1996Cast inclusion / modification in SBCV-II169
19929-11-1996Reforming scrutiny committee of Cast Validity for STV-II171
20029-11-1996Establishing cast scrutiny committee for SC, VJA, NT-B,C,D, SBC, OBCV-II176
20129-11-1996Submiting BC cast certificate after joining in MSEB - procedure thereofV-II182
20229-11-1996Invalid Cast Validity - procedure thereofV-II183
20327-12-1996Eligiblity of Vigilance & Security Staff for overtime wages.V-II190
20415-01-1997Reservation for Single PostV-II190
20522-01-1997Clarification of GO.142(A) - special leaveV-II192
20627-01-1997Clarification regarding grant of G.O.74 benefit to Fireman.V-II194
20727-01-1997Fixation of percentage for filling in the posts in M.S.E.B. from amongst Apprentices.V-II195
20831-01-1997Reservation to OBC excluding Creamy LayerV-II196
20931-01-1997Procedure for Cast CertificateV-II205
21003-02-1997Increasing Stipend for ApprenticeV-II230
21121-02-1997Jilha Parishad / Panchayat Samiti Election - 1997 code of conductV-II234
21228-02-1997( Not to include Risk Allowance in the "Leave Salary" )V-II235
21311-03-1997Grant of "Risk Allowance" to the catagary of employees on posts of Vehicle Drivers Linemen attached to Administrative Offices.V-II235
21421-03-1997Transfer of the employees who have refused promotion.V-II236
21504-04-1997Matters to be inspected by field Inspection Units-Added items to check availability and supply of Referance Books.V-II237
21604-04-1997Clarification of GO.142(A) - special leaveV-II238
21707-04-1997Public complaints, Political Pressure, News in Paper - procedure thereofV-II239
21809-04-1997( Guidelines for making references to Head Office )V-II239
21929-05-1997Revising Roaster points to Direct Recruitment / PromotionV-II240
22016-06-1997Recruitment for Project Affected personV-II246
22121-06-1997Grant of annual increment and other benefit to Engineer-Trainees.V-II247
22227-07-1997Apointing of employee those who not qualified - procedure thereofV-II247
22308-07-1997MSEB employee seniority for promotionV-II252
22408-07-1997Revision of rates of Honorarium / Remuneration to Board's Officers and visiting Guest Faculties for delivering lectures / demonstrations etc.V-II256
22508-07-1997CS-28 Recrutment for Decease dependantV-II257
22621-07-1997Employement in Pay Gr.III & IV posts on preferential basic to the 'Freedom Fighters' or their nominee-Necessity of Entrance Test / Written Test / Speed Test /Trade Test.V-II259
22731-07-1997Wearing Dress to Employee while on dutyV-II259
22802-08-1997Reimbursement of medical expenses incurred on treatment of major illness.V-II260
22904-08-1997Grant of next higher pay scales from deemed date promotion / appiontment- Exemption to legal heirs of deceased employees from submission of application thereof .V-II260
23005-08-1997Service Certificate while on retirmentV-II261
23128-08-1997Maintenance of seniority of GAD & Accounts staff working in the small Hydro Power stations.V-II262
23208-09-1997Providing CS and new circularsV-II262
23319-09-1997CS-28 dt 16.04.1975 Recrutment for Decease dependantV-II263
23422-09-1997Jilha Parishad / Panchayat Samiti Election - 1997 code of conductV-II264
23504-10-1997Introduction of voluntary trining scheme in Computers for MSEB staff.V-II278
23604-10-1997Reimberment of purchasing woolen cloath to employee working and HOV-II278
23704-10-1997Stiching Bills for woolen cloathV-II279
23814-10-1997Inspection of O&M cell by Dist. Collector etc.V-II279
23914-10-1997Cast Validity for ST employeesV-II281
24017-10-1997Grant of Monetary Incentive to the Officers / Engineers /Employees working in training Department under Chief Engineer (MIS.TRD)V-II283
24131-10-1997Discontinuance to fill up entry posts of Drawing cadre by Direct Recruitment.V-II284
24205-11-1997Grant for the Board's Drama Groups to participant in State Drama Competition/Kamgar Kalyan Kendra Drama Competition.V-II284
24305-11-1997Jilha Parishad / Panchayat Samiti Election - code of conductV-II284
24415-11-1997Pre-recruitment Trade-Test/Written Examination for Apprentices who have completed A[[rentceship and passed NCTVT Examination.V-II285
24517-11-1997Delegation pf powers to Dy.Chief Engineer (TRD), Nashik and Koradi.V-II286
24621-11-1997Court Case R.K.Sabarval regarding reservationV-II286
24701-12-1997More ST Quota for Direct Recruitment / Promotion for Pay Gr.3&4 with Thane, Nashik, Dhule, Yawatmal, Raigad, Chandrapur & GadchiloriV-II293
24805-12-1997Inspection Para's for G.A.D.V-II303
24920-12-1997Lok Sabha Election - 1997, code of conductV-II306
25030-12-1997Distribution of copies of a Booklet on a "Medical Assistance and other concessions"V-II307
25102-01-1998Extension of L.T.C.Block of two years prescribed under G.O.93(P) dated 5-3-1980 viz 1996-97 up to 30-6-1998.V-III1
25202-01-199830% Reservation to women on Direct Recruitment for 200 Roaster PointV-III1
25302-01-1998MSEB employee seniority for promotionV-III14
25413-01-1998Publishing selected candidate list on notice boardV-III16
25515-01-1998Hospital approval - Orange city NagpurV-III16
25615-01-1998Concession for attending office late in Greater Mumbai area for the emplyees who reside at Nashik & Pune.V-III17
25717-01-1998Change of Designation. (As per Fax Message dated 16-2-1998 changes introduced in nomenclatures not to be implemented till Industrial Court Nagpur vacates interim stay in ULP Case No.113/1998.V-III17
25819-01-1998Lok Sabha Election - 1998, code of conductV-III18
25929-01-1998Deletion of the category of the post of Dy.Chief Engineer (E&M).V-III27
26029-01-1998Court Case R.K.Sabarval regarding reservationV-III28
26129-01-1998Reservation in Promotion for NT-C & D, procedure thereofV-III29
26205-02-1998Requisition of staff for Election Duties-Amendment to section 159 of the R.P.Act,1951-regarding.V-III29
26311-02-1998Be on familiar terms with Retiree Military personV-III33
26416-02-1998Grant of exemption from passing the Departmental Examination for employees working on GAD and Account cadre on attaining the age of 45 Years.V-III35
26521-02-1998Grant of Annual Increment and other service benefit to "Trainee Junior Engineer/Sub Engineer appointment in between period from June,1991 to March,1993V-III35
26627-02-1998Working hours,Leave and other service condition of Head Time Keeper and Time Keeper.V-III36
26712-03-1998Time Limit for submission of Bill for TA on transfer.V-III36
26816-03-1998Change in practice of filling the vacancies and maintaining the seniority of employees working in the office of CE ( TI & C) and SE (Coal),Nagpur.V-III37
26917-03-1998Representation agaist the adverse remarks recorded in the Confidential Report.V-III38
27024-03-1998Reimbursement of expenses for transporting 2 wheeler Vehicle to Trainee EngineersV-III38
27102-04-1998Grant of cash prizes and other Facilities/ Concession to the Board's Drama Participants.V-III39
27205-05-1998Hostpital - 50% Medical reimbersement to defined illnessV-III39
27313-05-1998Grampanchayat Elections-Regarding Model Code of Conduct.V-III41
27413-05-1998Bye-election to the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly from ten Assembly Constituencies-Model Code of Conduct and ban on transfer of Officers.V-III41
27516-05-1998Grant of Special Pay to the Line Staff.V-III42
27616-05-1998Grant of actual Overtime wages to the Line Staff.V-III42
27711-06-1998Prefixing Weekly Off to Extra Ordinary Leave (Without Pay)V-III43
27806-07-1998Grampanchayat Elections- 1998 Regarding Model Code of Conduct.V-III43
27915-07-1998Office Address where in large buildingV-III44
28018-08-1998Raising of Retirement age of Board's employees from 58 years to 60 years -Refund / Recovery of 1/3 rd Gratuity Advance and aslo charging of interest thereon.V-III46
28118-08-1998Police Protection while on Electrical AccidentV-III47
28221-08-1998Grant of next higher pay-scale under the provisions of GO 74 dated 30-4-1974- Counting of work-charged service for the purpose.V-III48
28321-08-1998Special Drive for Direct Recruitment of BC vacanciesV-III48
28401-09-1998Addition in the qualification for the post of LDC/LDC (Bill Collection) /LDC (Meter Reader)/ LDC-Cum-Typist.- Correction Slip No.256, dated 6-4-1998 to GSO No.112 dated 12-2-1962.V-III49
28515-09-1998Charge Allowance to Supervisor cadreV-III50
28630-09-1998Reservation to SBC cadre in Direct Recruitment / PromotionV-III50
28708-10-1998Reservation to BC cadre in Direct Recruitment / PromotionV-III52
28814-10-1998Procedure of Direct Recruitment for Govt. / Under Taking EstablishmentsV-III64
28920-10-1998Delegation pf Powers to Secretary ( Corrigendum No.GAD/VIII (O&M)/f.No.147/3554, dt.9-11-1998 & Corrigendum No.GAD/VIII(O&M)/F.No.148/00002, dated 1-1-1999)V-III72
29028-10-1998Retirement of employees on account of restoring of retiring age from 60 years to 58 years.V-III114
29106-11-1998Supply of Khaki Uniform Terrycotton cloth to the Board's eligible employees.V-III116
29211-11-1998Introduction of the concept of "Management Trainee" in GAD cadre.V-III116
29323-11-1998Jilha Parishad & Panchayat Samiti Election - 1998 Regarding Model Code of ConductV-III116
29423-11-1998Grant of Car Conveyance Allowance.etc.V-III117
29503-12-1998Relief of transferees.V-III117
29603-12-1998Grant of Transfer Grant and Packing Allowance.V-III118
29710-12-1998Providing Flannel Woolen cloth of dark blue or Navy blue colour of 50" X 52" width for Coat and Pant only for Drivers working in the field.V-III118
29815-12-1998Issue of Certificate to Apprentices who have paased Written / Entrance Examination /Trade Tests.V-III119
29916-12-1998Jilha Parishad & Panchayat Samiti Election - 1998 Regarding Model Code of ConductV-III120
30017-12-1998Guidelines and norms for the preservation and enforcement of the right to gender of working women. (HO Circular No.GAD/Gr.VIII/O&M/F.No.822/877 , dt.11-3-1999)V-III120
30117-12-1998DA for Half Average Pay procedure thereofV-III130
30221-12-1998Clarification for uniform action in dealing with the cases of dependent of deceased employees working in Vehicle maintenace Cell.V-III130
30328-12-1998Use of Photo Frames in office of National DignityV-III131
30405-01-1999Don’t use of Election ID card for Gov. SchemesV-III133
30505-01-1999Cast Validity for ST scrutiny committee procedure thereofV-III136
30605-01-1999Reservation for isolated posts in Gov. establishementV-III139
30715-01-1999Proposal of Over TimeV-III141
30816-02-1999Procedure for enquiry regarding false complaintsV-III141
30915-03-1999Direct Recruitment for Project Affected person on Watchmen / Gate keeperV-III142
31019-03-1999Revising Rates of Stiped of ApprenticeV-III144
31112-04-1999Pay Fixation to formal military person on Direct RecruitmentV-III150
31216-04-1999GO74 for Vehicle CleanerV-III151
31318-05-1999Procedure for dealing with the acts of misconduct - Appointment of Enquiry Officers.V-III152
31425-05-1999Giudelines n the matter of preparing priority list of Project Affected Persons.V-III153
31504-06-1999Vidhan Sabh Voter List - 1999V-III154
31629-06-1999Estiblishing Contact Cell for ST,SC Gov. SchemesV-III161
31720-07-1999Grant of Monthly Monetary Benefit under the Maharashtra state Electricity Board Employee's Dependant Welfare Trust Regulation.V-III162
31821-07-1999Direct Recruitment for Project Affected person on Watchmen/Sweeper postV-III175
31930-07-1999Admissibility of LTC claim for travelling between two points not connected by Rail, by Road or by any other public Transport System for visiting Kailash manasarovar.( Date of issue corrected vide corrigendum No.GAD/Gr.VIII (O&M)/F.No.393/3164, dt.3-9-1999V-III175
32003-08-1999Lok Sabh Election - 1999 Code of ConductV-III176
32103-08-1999Anamolies in Pay-Fixation as per GO No.135(P) dated 28-12-1995 and GO No.136(P) dated 28-12-1995.V-III195
32207-08-1999Training Scheme for Fireman (Trainee).V-III199
32313-08-1999Code of Conduct for political leader attending Independence ceramonyV-III202
32430-08-1999Compulsory retirement-prior to the date of superannuation of Board's employees.V-III204
32515-09-1999Recurring 50% amount from GOM of Apprentice CandidateV-III206
32621-09-1999Delection of the post of Superintending Chemist.V-III207
32722-09-1999Communication of adverse remarks and over all grading of the Confidential Reports.V-III207
32805-10-1999Stay at Head Quarter those employee working at Trible & Hilly AreaV-III208
32913-10-1999Cloath for Non-Tech Pay Gr 3&4 eligiable employeeV-III209
33022-10-1999Identification/Reservation of post for physically handicapped Persons- Launching of Special Recruitment Drive.V-III212
33130-10-1999Pay Fixation to formal military person on Direct RecruitmentV-III214
33215-11-1999Grant of next higher pay-scale under the provisions of G.O.No. 74 ,dated 30-4-74 and G.O. No.111(P), dated 13-05-82.V-III228
33319-11-1999Horizontal Reservation for Direct Recruitement procedureV-III229
33401-12-1999(Cancellation of the recognition given to Orange City Hospital & Research Institute,Nagpur for the Board's employees for taking treatment/undergoing surgical operation).V-III233
33515-12-1999Promotion/Grant of benefit of higher grade under G.O.74 dt.30-04-1974 and G.O.111,dt.13-05-1982- Guidelines regarding Vigilance /Departmental action reports- Streamlining procedure thereof.V-III233
33606-01-2000Rewards on Retirement SE & above detail to be sent to HOV-III234
33718-01-2000Jilha Parishad & Panchayat Samiti Election - 1999 Code of ConductV-III234
33827-01-2000Direct Recruitment for Project Affected Person on Pay Gr 3&4V-III235
33929-01-2000Gampanchayat Election - 2000 Code of ConductV-III235
34003-02-2000Extension of LTC Block of two years prescribed under G.O. No.93(P) , dated 5-3-1980 viz 1998-99 upto 30-6-2000V-III236
34108-02-2000Delegation of power to prescribed /revise the prerequisites etc.,for the posts below superintending Engineer and equivalent in all cadres.V-III236
34214-02-2000Jilha Parishad & Panchayat Samiti Election - 1999 Code of ConductV-III237
34316-02-2000Grant of actual Overtime wages to the Line Staff.V-III237
34417-02-2000Freezing of posts which are lying vacant for more than six months.V-III238
34523-03-2000Maintence of seniority of pay Gr.III Non Technical employees under Circlewise Seniority Group working in Yeldari and Paithan Hydro Power Stations.V-III239
34623-03-2000Recognition of Appollo Hospital, Hyderabad.V-III239
34724-03-2000Gampanchayat Election - 2000 Code of ConductV-III240
34810-04-2000Departmental examination prescribed for the Board's employees.- Permission to use privet publications.V-III240
34930-05-2000Grant of DA and other Allowances to the Fireman (Trainee).V-III241
35031-05-2000Cloath for Line StaffV-III241
35111-07-2000Guidelines in the matter of preparing Priority List of Project Affected Persons.V-III244
35221-11-2000Finalizing of CPF Advance ProposalsV-III244
35322-12-2000Issue of No Objection certificate for Passport purpose.V-III246
35430-01-2001Recognising Ruby Hall Clinic Pune as an approved Hospital of the Board and deleting the name of Apollo Hospital Hyderabad from the approved list of hospitals of the Board.V-III247
35520-02-2001Appointment of Enquiry Officer for conducting Departmental enquiry.V-III247
35628-02-2001Conveyance Allowance as per GO 151PV-III248
35707-03-2001Cast Validity Committee for ST categoryV-III249
35807-03-2001Cast Validity for Direct Recruitment of ST candidateV-III261
35927-03-2001Trible AllowanceV-III268
36027-04-2001Grant of exemption from passing the Departmental Examination for Subordinate Engineers working on T & D and Civil cadre on attaining the age of 40/ 45 Years.V-III274
36114-06-2001Recruitment Procedure for Project Affected CandidateV-III275
36220-06-2001Modification in advertisement policy of the Board.V-III278
36328-08-2001Transfer of the employees who have refused promotion.V-III279
36412-11-2001Promotion on ST Category for Cast ValididtyV-III280
36521-11-2001Revised Stypend for ApprenticeV-III286
36629-01-2002Wearing Uniform and Name Badges by the Board's employees who have to deal with the publicV-III288
36716-02-2002Suspension under the provisions of SR 88 (a) (ii) (c )- Withdrawal of powers thereof.V-III289
36809-05-2002Celebration of Mahatma Basaveshrvar JayantiNo Volume1
36924-05-2002Reservation of S.B.C for Govt.Services.No Volume3
37017-08-2002Extension period of "Marathi Examination Borad "examination given to English Stenographar, English Typist and LDC cum Typist employees in MSEB Board's employees.No Volume6
37126-08-2002Appointment of Vocational Apprentice Engineers of Degree/Diploma Holders.No Volume8
37217-09-2002Nomination of Non Government Member to Competent Selection Committiee.No Volume14
37312-11-2002 Implement of recommendation from State Legislature Committe2No Volume15
37419-12-2002Maharashtra Right to Information Ordinance 2002No Volume18
37519-12-2002Appointment of Treade Apprentice candiate.No Volume35
37602-01-2003Erroneous continuation of employees beyond the date of superannuation - Judgement of the Apex Court.No Volume37
37715-01-2003Implement of reservation of backward catagary in Pay Gr.III & Iv in direct recruitmentNo Volume41
37829-01-2003Given reward to Officer/Employees working in Nakshagrast/Adhivasi arreas.No Volume65
37907-02-2003Cerefully sent to Cast verification proposal to Cast validity committe of ST candiate when appointment on reservation post.No Volume77
38010-02-2003Implement of 3% reservation and Age relaxation of Disability person on Class -3 & 4 in MSEB .No Volume82
38110-03-2003Grant of advance increment to Technical employees acquiring Associate Membership of The Institution of Engineers after passing Section A and B Examinations conducted by the Insitution of Engineers(India)while in service.No Volume95
38213-03-2003Punishment of withholding increment- Clarification on some points.No Volume97
38320-03-2003Leave on Average Pay-surrender of payment of leave salary.No Volume99
38426-03-2003Examinations-Professional- Procedure & Rules regarding- Junior engineers (T&D), Asstt.Engineer (T&D) and Civil and Dy.Executive Engineers.No Volume101
38529-03-2003Staying by the employees at their Head Quarters- Instruction regarding.No Volume103
38629-03-2003Acknowledging the letters received from Members of Parliament, State Legislature and Ministers.No Volume105
38708-05-2003Grant of advance incrementof the employees who acquiring Doctorate while in service.No Volume106
38817-05-2003Nomination of Non Government Member to Competent Selection Committiee for Circle wise .No Volume107
38921-05-2003Permission to fill in the vacancies reserved for backward class catagary in Pay Gr.III & IV under direct recruitment.No Volume108
39026-05-2003Permission to fill in the vacancies reserved dt.05.05.2000 for backward class catagary in pay Gr.III & IV under direct recruitment as per MERC Clarification Order.No Volume115
39130-05-2003Transfer Guidelines for year 2003No Volume1
39211-06-2003Enhancement of stipend rates to be paid to the Engineering Degree/Diploma Holder and Vocational ApprenticesNo Volume2
39327-06-2003Verification of Answer Papers of various Departmental Examinations.No Volume5
39402-08-2003Leave on Average Pay-surrender of payment of leave salary.No Volume8
39511-08-2003Procedure of direct recruitment of Horizontal Reservation of 30 % For Women.No Volume10
39618-08-2003Providing work to the recipients of Monthaly monetary Benefit under MSEB Employees' Dependants Welfare Trust Regulations.No Volume19
39702-09-2003Granting advance for majer medical treatmentNo Volume24
39827-08-2003Grant of monthly Monetary Benefit under MSEB Employees' Dependants Welfare Trust-raising of the contribution.No Volume27
39907-10-2003Employment to Sons/Daughters on compassionate ground-Acquiring higher qualification after deciding suitability or granting MMB- Clarification thereon..No Volume29
40016-10-2003Providing work to the recipients of Monthaly monetary Benefit under MSEB Employees' Dependants Welfare Trust Regulations.No Volume30
40123-10-2003Engaging of Engineering Degree/Diploma Holder, Technician (Vocational) and Trede (ITI Trade) Apprentices Entertaining applications of sons/daughters of Board's employees.No Volume33
40207-11-2003Employment to the dependents of deceased of employees-Accommodating dependents from one Zone /Power Station to anather Zone/Power Station against the reservation for Backward classes to wipe out backlog under special drive.No Volume37
40318-11-2003Grant of Commuted Leave without production of Medical Certificate to the employees who are deputed for Vipassana Training- Clarification thereon.No Volume41
40429-11-2003Extension of Leave Travel Concession (LTC) block of 2 years i.e.2002-2003 upto 30th June,2004 under G.O.93(P) dt.05.03.1980.No Volume42
40522-12-2003Roster Checking from Asstt.Commissioner.No Volume43
40622-12-2003Maintaining Complaint Registers for recording grievances of SC & ST employees.No Volume46
40708-01-2004Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities Protection of Rights and Full Participation)Rules 2001- Govt.Notification thereof.No Volume48
40817-01-2004Reservation given for employees against ST catagary under direct recruitment in Services.No Volume50
40919-01-2004Verification of character and antecedents-Payment of fees to Police authorities.No Volume54
41031-01-2004Initiation of departmental action against the employees facing investigations by ACB and /or criminal charges.No Volume59
41113-02-2004Payment of compensation and immediate finacial assistance in the case of fatal/Non fatal accidents to outsiders (human being as well as animals)No Volume61
41201-03-2004Leave on Average Pay-surrender of payment of leave salary. …... Extending the time limit for availing leave.No Volume64
41312-03-2004Loksabha Election 2004.No Volume65
41412-03-2004Maharashtra Right to Information Act 2002No Volume73
41519-03-2004Availing facilities of 'Corporate Discount Scheme' available with BSNL for payment of Telephone Bills at a place.No Volume74
41626-03-2004Issue of " No objection Certificate" for Passport purpose.No Volume75
41726-03-2004Reimbursement for Back lether shoes of Drivers and Watchman.No Volume81
41805-04-2004Procedure to be followed in respect of the employees against whom Disciplicin action/vigilance investigation /Criminal Prosecution is pending.No Volume82
41915-05-2004Code of Conduct for Local Independent Institute Election.No Volume84
42018-05-2004Dealing with the cases of dependent of the deceases employees of fire fighting staff working at power station i.e. under the Chief engineer.No Volume100
42121-05-2004Without permission of Board's Engaging in trade or business or other employement.No Volume1
42210-06-2004Communication of adverse remarks and overall grading of the Confodential Reports- Representation thereof..No Volume3
42323-06-2004Setting up of Legal Cell at zone Office.No Volume5
42401-07-2008Maintaining Seniority whom appointment SBC employees against ST catagary employees under direct recruitment in services.No Volume8
42507-08-2004Training Scheme for non qualified dependent under the Scheme for compassionate appointment ( Under C.S.28 dt.16.4.75 )No Volume11
42607-08-2004Erroneous continuation of employees beyond the date of Superannuation.No Volume16
42709-08-2004Starting working hour on 08.00 amNo Volume18
42809-08-2004Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities Protection of Rights and Full Participation)Rules 2001- Govt.Notification thereof.No Volume19
42927-08-2004State Legislature Election-2004. followed rule of Code of Conduct.No Volume26
43020-09-2004Coming of letter from Member of Parliament- then giving received.No Volume29
43130-09-2004Extending the validity of the select lists of department promotion.No Volume35
43230-09-2004Reddressal of monetary claims/Grievences of the employees.No Volume36
43330-09-2004Honble's Suprime Court Order in Case of R.K.sabharwal and other Vs Panjab State for reservation.No Volume40
43406-10-2004State Legislature Election-2004No Volume41
43504-10-2004Overtime given to Drivers when working on election Duty.No Volume44
43608-10-2004Not removed Surcharge in medical reimbursement.No Volume54
43714-10-2004Filling in the Vacant Post of Vehicle Driver by Departmental promotion.No Volume55
43815-10-2004As per G.O.74 dt.30.04.1974 concession passing of 50 per minites test of English typing examinaton for higher grade benefit for Stenographar on promotionNo Volume56
43918-10-2004maharashtra Right to Information Act-2002No Volume57
44018-10-2004Promotion Channel to the Artisans in Distrubution cadre (T&D)III-B Maintenance Wing and grant of higher grade benefit under G.O.74 Dt.30.04.1974No Volume65
44106-11-2004Trimonthly Reservation information to backward class employees under direct recruitment and promotionsNo Volume67
44217-11-2004Protection of Non ST employees against selection Of the ST employees in services.No Volume71
44303-01-2005Reservation on promotion to all Stage.No Volume75
44412-01-2005Training Scheme for non qualified dependent under G.O.159 dt.30.06.2004No Volume84
44512-01-2005Leave on Average Pay-surrender of payment of leave salary. …... Extending the time limit.No Volume85
44628-01-2005Staying in Head quarters.No Volume86
44701-02-2005Grampanchayat Election 2005No Volume87
44825-02-2005Morden code of conduct.No Volume92
44925-02-2005Payment of Gratuity on the day of retirement.No Volume106
45025-02-2005Giving Uniform of employees.No Volume108
45109-03-2005Employment of sons/daughter of deceased employees under compassionate Appointment Scheme - Giving higher Priority in the case of fatal accident while on duty.No Volume1
45214-03-2005Procedure to be followed in respect of the employees against whom Disciplicin action/grievance investigation /Criminal Prosecution is pensing.No Volume3
45301-04-2005Paid to employees Higher grade pay working Nakshalgrat areas.No Volume5
45405-04-2005Providing work to the recipients of Monthaly monetary Benefit under MSEB Employees' Dependants Welfare Trust Regulations.No Volume7
45508-04-2005Appointment of retired officers of the rank of Executive Engineer,Dy.Chief Account Officer, Dy.Esablishment officer equivalent and above as enquiry officers.No Volume9
45610-05-2005Recognising ITI qualification- in Services.No Volume11
45703-06-2005Speed test for Stenograpghar and Typist cadre.No Volume13
45804-06-2005Freezing of certain activities on formation of Companies.No Volume14
45904-06-2005Reimbursement of travelling expenses and local movement expenses to the outside faculties / retired officers of the MSEB.No Volume16
46021-06-2005Allotment to revise GradePay and Allowance from 01.04.2003.No Volume17
46104-08-2005Transfer of personnel under transfer Scheme- redressal of grievences on allocatin for employees in State wise Seniority.No Volume20
46204-08-2005Transfer of personnel under transfer Scheme- redressal of grievences on allocatin for employees inCirclewise and divisionwise seniority working in HO.No Volume24
46312-08-2005Grant of additional two increment to the employees working in Technical catagary (Clarification of GO 166 (P) dt.21.07.2005No Volume29
46417-08-2005payment of difference of Encashment of Leave at the time of retirement and Gratuity due to revision of pay scales in the case of employees who have been retired/resigned/expired after 01.04.2003.No Volume30
46501-09-2005Transfer of personnel under transfer Scheme- Redresal of Grievances on allocation for employees in Statewise seniority- Date extened upto 20.09.2005No Volume32
46601-09-2005Transfer of personnel under transfer Scheme- Redresal of Grievances on allocation for employees in Circlewise and divisionwise seniority working in HO - Date extened upto 20.09.2005No Volume33
46706-09-2005Dealing with Discipline action cases and ACB/Criminal cases intiated prior to rootrntiring of MSEB and thereafter in common misconduct or transfer of employees.No Volume34

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